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Painting with Wax

I paint with wax just as an oil painter paints with oils! My palette is a heated surface and when I need more of a certain color, I simply melt my paints onto it. I make all my own paints using natural Earth Pigments, Beeswax, and tree sap (also called Damar Resin). I melt them into soap molds that produce perfect pucks of color. I use regular paint brushes in all sizes and also a heated pen stylus which melts and sucks up a little of the wax paint and deposits it much as quill or fountain pen does. This tool allows for me to achieve a high level of detail.

Making Wax Paint

I make all my own encaustic wax paints with a ratio of 8 parts Sun-bleached filtered beeswax to 1 part Damar Resin. The Damar increases the melting point of the beeswax, reducing bloom, and increases the shine. All my colors are natural, non-toxic Earth Pigments that I mix to a highly pigmented consistency. I prefer to control my opacity in the palette as I paint. 

I also sell limited amounts of this paint on Etsy! Find me at Abraencaustics or follow the link below.


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