So, I’m going to join the bandwagon here and start doing smaller, one-a-day paintings. Not that I’ll do one EVERY day, but I’ll at least finish it within a 24-hour period. For my first try at mundane, everyday objects, I chose my breakfast. Many do.

I have a love affair with eggies. I love eggs. I eat eggs every morning–two eggs and a slice of spelt toast. I like good eggs, too. Orange yolks, a hard thing to acquire from the grocery store brands, but, I’ve found a few that are good. One day I’ll have a coup. Just not now.

– My parameters are to sell these on ebay with a starting bid of $1/sq. inch. We’ll start with that, see how it goes.

Status: SOLD

– Prints available HERE

– 6″x12″x2″

– Encaustic wax on wood

– Signed