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One-A-Day-Painting: Pyrex Eggs


So, I’m going to join the bandwagon here and start doing smaller, one-a-day paintings. Not that I’ll do one EVERY day, but I’ll at least finish it within a 24-hour period. For my first try at mundane, everyday objects, I chose my breakfast. Many do.

I have a love affair with eggies. I love eggs. I eat eggs every morning–two eggs and a slice of spelt toast. I like good eggs, too. Orange yolks, a hard thing to acquire from the grocery store brands, but, I’ve found a few that are good. One day I’ll have a coup. Just not now.

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Yellow Boat

I’ve been wanting to paint a boat for a while. Being a part of the Justin Timberlake SNL “I’m in a boat” skit generation, that jingle is what I thought of most of the time, but the end result was a lot less comical and a lot more serene. The wax was great when it came to the water. The texture is deep.
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Pears Conversating


I don’t just paint horses! I was taken by these pears. I thought they looked so very human standing there, talking to each other as their stems loomed in conversation. I like how fruit can do this.

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Polo Rider #2


This image makes me think of a dark, cozy library, or a cigar lounge. Something you’d see at the polo club. I’m very excited with how this turned out. I like the masculinity of the painting. I’m not a fan of using green, but forced myself to take the plunge.

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Jumper 182

I painted from an actual photo on this one. I discovered Creative Commons on Flickr, basically photos licensed for adaptations such as paintings. It’s going to change my life as I am much better at painting from a photo rather than imagination. New doors have been opened!

I also see myself drifting more toward realism. Clearly this is definitely realism.

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