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Daily Painting: Daylight Pear


My daughter and husband really like pears. I like a pear in a glass of lemonade (likely with vodka) on a hot day, or cold… anytime, really. Pears are one of those fruits you see a lot in still life’s, but it’s also a fruit people seem enamored with. I find the array of colors to be what draws me to them. They go well with cheese, too. What’s a fruit and cheese place without pears? My favorite little bar has a fruit and cheese plate with dried pears. Love it! So anyway, here is my daylight pear!

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Pears Conversating


I don’t just paint horses! I was taken by these pears. I thought they looked so very human standing there, talking to each other as their stems loomed in conversation. I like how fruit can do this.

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